Apple Shortens App Review Time

Being iOS developer, the above head line made my day. Waiting for weeks to get my app reviewed used to put developers like me in discomfort zone. By shortening the app review time, Apple has made a major change in its app approval policy.The mean approval time has fallen from 8.8 days a year ago to 2 days in iOS App Store. Similar changes have been made to Mac App store by changing average approval time to 1 day as per


“Apple is becoming a lot more developer-friendly. It’s becoming a lot more open in its approach to building an ecosystem,” said Button founder Maddern in Bloomberg. Since developers schedule at least a week for app release process, now this has been reduced to greater extent. This in turn, speeds up development cycle. As we know, technology around us keeps changing in a rapid pace, it is our duty to cope with it. Reducing review time made it easier by making changes in app regularly as market keeps changing.

This change can not only increase iPhone sale but also compete with its rival Google which immediately publish their mobile applications without a lengthy review process. Now customers need not wait for long to get bugs fixed in their favourite apps which results in retaining loyal customers.

Happy developer! Happy Customer!


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