Augmented reality – I can see you coming

How do you feel when any super hero or television character you love comes in front of you? Such feeling of euphoria can be achieved by using augmented reality. Now this might sound interesting. We are living in the era where technology can do almost anything. We are surrounded by gadgets everywhere which not only seeks our attention constantly but also made us couch potatoes. They have become our new sensory organs. Very first question people ask when they visit other’s place will be, “Whether any wifi connection is available here?”. This is how humans are tied up to technology. Especially after people became aware of augmented reality and virtual reality products out there, crave to go and get it increased.

Among those two, technology used behind augmented reality interested me. It uses the existing environment and adds some new object to it. Thus, giving us a feeling of better life. Where as in virtual reality, a completely different artificial environment is created and mesmerises the person using it. Although the term “augmented reality” was coined in 1990, many were not familiar with it until it made its entry in mobile application. Such mobile applications typically use GPS (Global Positioning System) to get user’s current location and time information and  create wonders. One can simply point their mobile phones’s camera on the film poster and view the trailer or get some discounts on movie fare. People need not carry any dictionaries or translators along with them because augmented reality does their work easier. You have to focus your mobile’s camera on the text or paragraph which you want to be translated and get the real time response quickly.

translator.png                                                                          [Google Translate]

With augmented reality one can also try tattoos, make-up’s and ornaments on them even before going to the store. If you are planning of buying a new home or refurbishing the older one, then interior related tasks will be handled by augmented reality apps. It lets you place new furnitures and wardrobes in the living room without even leaving the home. This has also brought smile on sky watcher’s face. One can simply gaze their mobile’s camera skyward at night to view any matching constellations and planets and get more information about it. This is not the end. There are lot more apps in android and iOS  App store which you can download and try it out yourself.


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