Emojis are also demanding gender equality!

Yes, what you read just now is true. Since humans are tied up to technology these days, along with them the products used by them are also given high priority. This headline describes the extent to which they are prioritised. Till date, we have come across various news regarding people fighting for equality in several norms of life. But this sounds amusing. Even before emojis started screaming for their rights, Google came up with its new proposal. They aimed at promoting gender equality among emoji characters. Google team presented 13 new designs for female emojis at Unicode Consortium. Out of which 11 got approved by Unicode.

People changed their gaze towards keyboards having cute emojis in them rather than settling with plain keyboard. Some keyboards also come with an option to download favourite emoji characters. This shows how emojis have become part of present day communication and how they gained popularity among smartphone users.

As women kept leaping in almost every area of work, the proposal made by Google seems fairer. “No matter where you look, women are gaining visibility and recognition as never before,” the four Google workers wrote in their proposal. At present female emojis are focused mainly in beauty sector.

First lady Michelle Obama tweeted last month saying she would love to see a girl studying emoji. It has been noted in Google’s proposal. Now Google team selected few professions in their new female emoji proposal. List consisted of female farmer, manufacturer, nurse, teacher, chef etc., of different skin tone.

It is said that new set of emojis will be released by the end of this year. Hope this will be a new way of empowering women and respecting the different roles played by them in real life.


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