Apple urges organ donation

This headline might have raised a few eyebrows out there. Innovative way of pleading user’s to donate their organ will be done by Apple soon. Yes, Apple is going to add this feature in their next update. Health app, which is already pre-installed on every iPhone device will be updated to have a simple button that registers the user for organ donation. This app is already playing an important role among people who cares about keeping themselves fit and healthy. Donate Life America, a nonprofit national donation registry is working with Apple to implement this major update in Health app.


There are many apps related to organ donation in Android and iPhone, but none can beat this because user need not install it separately. This will be an addition to the app’s popularity. One might think what is the reason behind this major update. It goes back to Steve Jobs illness. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had to wait for long to have his liver transplantation in 2009. Looking at the situation, CEO Tim Cook himself offered to donate part of his own liver, although Jobs refused. Taking all this into consideration, Cook placed this update in its next release.

At present, signing up as a organ donor will be available only to United States based iPhone’s. Hopefully, they may extend it to other countries based on the complications in rules and regulations of organ donation found there. In United States, an average of 22 people die everyday waiting for organ transplantation. This update will definitely help them in finding the donor at the earliest.

Save life..Save Humanity..


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