Long Live The App

People around the globe are submerged by millions of app being uploaded to app store. People reach out to their smart phones rather than computers to perform their task easily because of its quick accessibility. Nowadays almost everything is possible in such a small gadget. With no apps in it, a smart phone can be called as dead. As the number of people using smartphone increased, the demand for new apps also kept flourishing. This opened the door for thousands of startups who were eager to feed the hungry smartphone users. There are few companies such as Uber, Ola, Netflix who rely completely on their app to market their business. You will be horrified by looking at the app store stats displayed in Pocketgamer.biz. This clearly pictures the importance played by apps in our daily life.


[Source: Pocketgamer.biz]

Initially mobiles were offering few common apps such as calendar, calculator, e-mail, weather and stock market. But as the demand for apps kept increasing, they started offering the apps that are in current trend. Out of default apps provided by mobile companies, games are said to be the most used app among them. By looking at this, one cannot blindly say that people are into gaming only, there are various other sectors that are extensively used by them as per the stats provided by Statista.

statista.png[Source: Statista]

Exploring the app store will let us know the increasing demand of apps in almost all areas of life. Developers are puzzled on what to develop next. They can find their ideas already available in store with so many similar suggestions. Social apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter will never be out of smartphone although its size keeps increasing in every update. They have spelled a magical addiction on each of its user. But there are few out standing apps which still manages to make space in user’s smartphone memory which is about to play ‘out-of-memory’ warning tone soon. Instagram, Uber, Pokémon Go, Reddit, LinkedIn etc., comes under such category. All this make us realise how we are surrounded by apps everywhere and pretending to live in real world. Even though apps are said to be the most common productivity killer, one might find himself trapped with no one to play around. Thus, Long live the app.


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