Apple’s Glowing Trophy

With so many developers designing and developing millions of app for Apple’s app store, all might be curious to know which app tops in terms of design, number of downloads, rating and User experience. Every year Apple answers this question in WWDC by rewarding “Apple Design Award (ADA)” to qualified apps. Earlier this award was known as “Human Interface Design Excellence (HIDE) Award” and winners of this design award will receive some gifts from Apple, a trophy with a glowing Apple logo in it and will also be featured in their respective App Stores.


This year being the nineteenth year, Glowing trophy has reached the worthy winners in Apple Worldwide Developers Conference held on June,2016. Apple selected only twelve apps among millions from iOS and mac app store.



Auxy Music Creation (iPad only) – A simple music app for making modern music. You can create your own synth and drum loops and share your beats. It is available for free.

Chameleon Run (iOS) – A game which is unique, fast and challenging autorunner with a colorful twist. Cost of this app is $1.99.

Complete Anatomy (iOS) – A free medical app that lets us experience world’s most advanced anatomy learning platform. It is the perfect platform for medical students, medical professionals and lifelong learners.

djay Pro (iPad) – A paid music app that provides complete toolkit for performing DJs for $19.99. (OS X) – A free video app that lets you upload your Final Cut Pro X media to’s cloud-based collaboration platform to share projects or clips with your team, anywhere in the world.

INKS. (iOS) – A game which combines the joy of pinball with skilful tactical challenges, and allows you to create wondrous works of art as the ball smashes around the canvas. It costs $1.99 to use this app.

Lara Croft Go (iOS) – A game which is a turn based puzzle-adventure where you play as the popular character Lara Croft. It costs $4.99 to play this game.

Streaks (iPhone and Apple Watch) – A productivity app that helps you to create to-do list to form good habits. Streaks works with the Apple Health app to help you achieve your fitness goals. It is a paid app of  $3.99.

Ulysses Mobile (iOS) – A productivity app that gives you a uniquely streamlined toolset for all your writing needs. It is said to have the best text editor in the world. This app costs $24.99.

Zova Personal Trainer (iPhone and Apple Watch) – A free health and fitness app that inspires and motivates you with workouts and training plans across a variety of styles including circuit, strength, tabata, HIIT and yoga.

Student Winners:

Linum (iOS) – A free  puzzle where your goal is to Land Nodes on the Landing Points.

Dividr (iOS) – A free 2D arcade game where you need to get the highest score possible by surviving for as long as you can.

More details can be found in Apple developers console.


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